Amazing Health Benefits Associated With Smoking Weed

We are currently in a transitional period where people are beginning to accept cannabis in society, especially considering weed is beginning to be legalized or at the very least decriminalised in several states. Some states have even began to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, including Navada, meaning you can obtain a drug which is associated with considerably less health risks than alcohol, and use it sensibly. If you require Navada medical marijuana, there are several sources available online who can deliver weed to your doorstep, and with marijuana becoming renowned for its therapeutic properties, this is a highly recommended step which should be exercised where possible.

There is however scepticism lingering around cannabis, especially considering the government classifies it as a Schedule-1 drug. It is a difficult plant to study, but based on the research done so far, there is reason to believe there are considerable health benefits associated with the drug, and this article has collected some of the most pronounced benefits of marijuana, suggesting the drug should certainly be explored more, especially considering at the end of the day, it is a plant.


There is reason to believe that cannabis may actually slim you down, despite the drug being associated with the famous ‘munchies’. Weed users are generally slimmer than non-users, where weed is known to lower insulin levels which promotes weight loss. Cannabis users on the whole show lower BMI’s, obesity rates, and smaller circumferences.

Reduce the Incidence of Alzheimer’s
THC, the active chemical in cannabis, is known to block the enzyme in the brain that makes amyloid plaques, which are widely associated with Alzheimer’s. Cannabis use is a preferred methodology for treating and ultimately slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s, and has been suggested to prevent the neurodegenerative disease occurring in the first place.

Protect the Brain After a Stroke

Research conducted by various universities suggest that weed can help reduce some of the damage that is caused by strokes, reducing the overall size of the area which has been affected by strokes. This is pioneering research which supports the use of medical marijuana, and similarly, the drug has been associated with protecting the brain after traumatic events, concussions, and even protecting the brain following seizures caused by epilepsy.

Cannabis is widely considered to be good for pain relief, and though there is no direct evidence to suggest that weed can reduce the incidence of osteoporosis, it certainly can reduce the pain associated with arthritis, with research suggesting a significant reduction in pain experienced with a group that were given cannabis, compared to a control group who were given a placebo.

Marijuana has been used to prevent eye disease, which is usually the result of pressure building in and around the eyeball. This terrifying condition can cause loss of vision, but studies have proven that cannabis can lower the intraocular pressure (IOP) that is common in people with glaucoma, thus supporting cannabis’ effectiveness.

I hope you have found this article informative, and as we hunt for the truth about cannabis, be sure to research and keep an open mind regarding this fascinating plant.