Celebrities need love and respect at the same time from their fans

To put it in simple words, celebrities are individuals who attract a lot of people with their personality and talent. Hollywood celebrities have a lot of influence on the young and restless from around the world. Thus, celebrity magazines are full of articles that offer insight into the lives of these stars.

Many times, magazines create a false image of several celebrities. They portray stars as beautiful, perfect, and their lifestyle as awesome. These articles and insight into celebrity’s life often motivate fan followers to shop unnecessarily. People often feel like buying dress or t-shirt that their favorite celebrity wears in the photos published by popular magazines.

This can prove to be unhealthy and dangerous because young followers of these stars go to any extent while following these celebrities.

People take efforts to become prettier, skinner, and beautiful, just the way their favorite celebrity would want them to appear. Websites like http://celebritynetworth.wiki offer impressive details about almost all celebrities.

Some of them even go for plastic surgeries. Individuals take a keen interest in their favorite person’s eating and Starbucks habit and end up getting trapped in eating disorders.

However, it’s important to also mention those celebrities who are down to earth. They have traditional roots, they are humble, and have earned their reputation after several years of hard work. Journalists often dislike such celebrities as they do not share much about their personal life with the media. Thus, sometimes, journalists create a negative impression about such people in the mind of their audiences.

Stars feel the heat when reporters are out for their blood

In order to retain reader base, magazines, as well as online gossip portals, publish articles about divorce cases of stars. You would find stories about wardrobe malfunctions, drug problems, betrayal, love triangles, etc. Some stars also end up suing these magazines for invading their privacy.

It’s unfortunate that sometimes, celebrities are treated like zoo animals. People end up disrespecting them on social media if they do not feel impressed by their work. For example, you can take a look at the abusive tweets that Taylor Swift receives every day.

Anyway, the moral of the story is, stars need love, but they also need respect from their fans and followers.