Canvas Prints for Weddings

Printing wedding photos on canvas is one of the original ideas behind the creation of canvas prints. And yet, it remains to be the most popular!

It is probably not easy to choose the best ‘glamour shots’ of your wedding, but once you do, canvas printing allows you to turn these into piece of art and add it to your home’s walls for display. And the benefits are limitless – visual impact, celebration of your relationship and improved home design are just a few of them.

Nowadays, glamour shots are just a part of the canvas prints people order. Couples choose to mix up the traditional photos with more energetic, ‘crazy’ photos to add some fun in an otherwise regular living room or bedroom. This is a great way to display your memories and get a feeling of happiness every time you look at them.

So, why not take this inspiration and create a special collage of your wedding prints? Here are some interesting ideas to get you inspired!

Have Fun with Your Wedding Photos

You have probably planned every little detail for your wedding, starting from the venue to the silverware on the tables. If this is the case, why not plan the photography, too?

Many people leave the photo planning to the professional photographer. Even though this person has the experience and can guide you in the way, it is a shame if you leave all the decisions to them.

Planning the photos for your wedding is a great way to show your character. Therefore, add this to your wedding plans and come up with incredible, fun photos that you will later display in the home.

Wedding Canvas Art Ideas

If you get stuck in the planning process or do not feel creative, we can recommend several things:

  • From above

Do not make every photo the same – almost every wedding photo nowadays shows the bride and groom in an embrace. Be unique- shake this up by asking your photographer above you and get a unique shot.

  • Jumping

Make a unique photograph where you and your partner jump and turn it into a canvas print that leaps off your wall. You can even turn this into a group family photo and add some prompts in it!

  • Casual

Of course, you can hardly plan a casual photo, but there will surely be a lot of them when you get the pictures from your wedding photographer. To make a unique display, choose those where you and your family did not know you were being photographed.

The idea behind making and framing wedding photographs is to have fun while creating memories. Starting from the traditional photos every photographer makes to fun photos where you wear interesting outfits, make fun faces or jump in the air, your wedding photos will look great on the walls of your home!

You do not have to limit the canvas prints to the living room and bedroom. Add some brightly colored ones on the kitchen walls or create a gallery on the stairwell!